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Boost Infinite by DISH

Get Unparalleled Nationwide Coverage. With Smart Switching Between 3 Wireless Networks

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Boost Infinite Coverage Map

Boost Infinite Coverage Map

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Get the latest iPhone every year

Get the latest iPhone every year.

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Nationwide coverage with Boost

Nationwide Wireless Coverage with Smart Switching

Boost Infinite creates a nationwide ecosystem by combining the power of three of America’s major wireless networks. With Smart Switching, your phone will seamlessly switch between networks based on your location meaning you get the strongest coverage possible – no matter what.

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Boost Infinite Coverage Map

How To Check Boost Infinite Coverage For Your Area

Simply enter your address in the Boost Infinite coverage map above for a look at our 4G LTE and 5G nationwide coverage. As America’s Smart Network™ constantly grows, more and more customers will be able to enjoy the best phones, the most value, and be on the best network.

5G Network by Boost Infinite

Nations First Pure 5G Network

Boost Infinite has introduced a unique, first-of-its-kind virtualized 5G wireless network leveraging Open RAN technology. This innovative approach combines the high-speed capabilities of 5G with the agility of the cloud to transform the way connectivity is delivered. This advancement not only brings enhanced performance and reliability but also marks a significant step forward in the telecom industry, offering increased scalability and improved network functionalities.

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Get The Latest iPhone, Every Year, On Us!

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